Signature Dove Release

The white dove has been used to represent peace, hope, and love for thousands of years.  Because of this, it has become a very appropriate tradition to release a white dove, or flock of doves, at the conclusion of a funeral service. 

Therefore, in the summer of 2017, we began a partnership with Morgan Bowman and her business, Diamond Doves, to provide a dove release at each graveside service we offer, at no additional cost to the family.  The symbolism associated with the white dove and the release of the dove continues to impress and comfort grieving families.  After the release, the homing capabilities of the birds enable them to travel back to their roosts at Diamond Doves. 

It is through added services, such as these dove releases, that we separate ourselves from other funeral homes in the area, and hope to deliver a complete experience which remembers a life, honors that life with respect and dignity, and brings a measure of peace to the bereaved.

Please inquire with us about the other services which Diamond Doves offers, such as a multiple-bird release, available at an additional charge.