COVID-19 Response

Thoughtful service to our friends and family in times of need has always been our aim at Heavner & Cutright Funeral Chapel and Cremation Service.  In addition to that aim, we owe a high degree of care and concern for the public who enter our facilities.  Along with many of you, we have watched the developments surrounding the COVID-19 virus over the past several days with concern not only for our family, but also for the families that we serve.  Many federal, state, and professional agencies and associations have offered recommendations for large crowds and gatherings and for our particular industry as well; however, there are grey areas that remain, just as there are many unanswered questions surrounding this pandemic.  In those cases of grey areas, individual funeral homes have been tasked with formulating the best practices going forward.  That has involved balancing the wishes of each family with the safety of the public—both ends which are of extreme importance to our family in our service to yours.  The following are practices, many of which have been advised from the CDC and other agencies which we are enacting immediately: 

Effective Thursday, March 19, 2020, our normal office hours will be suspended.  In order to prevent the flow of individuals in and out of our facility, we will be open by appointment only.  Thanks to tremendous strides in technology in the funeral industry in recent years, the majority amount of business can be handled via telephone, e-mail, text message, and fax.  For those cases when a face-to-face meeting is necessary, we will conduct those meetings on an appointment basis.

Outdoor graveside services are encouraged for all families choosing burial as a means of disposition.  Any gathering, whether it be visitation, funeral, or memorial service, held in the funeral chapel will be limited to immediate family, per the advisement of both federal and state government.

We will continue to accept messages of condolence via our website, , but will also accept those messages by e-mail ([email protected]) and telephone (304-472-8024) and will type those messages and relay them to the family of the deceased.  This will serve to create a “register book” of friends and family in lieu of the traditional form.

An increased (extreme) level of diligence in cleaning and sanitation will begin.  This will involve hand sanitizer placed throughout the building, as well as the employment of many disinfectant sprays and solutions before, during, and after the occupancy of our facility.

As always, our phone will be answered 24/7/365 by a member of our family.  We will still personally make all removal calls, whether that be at hospitals, care facilities, or personal residences.  Please be advised though that we will be taking additional precautions during those removals which will include face masks, gloves, and other forms of Personal Protective Equipment, even in cases when the cause of death is not virus-related.  We mean no offense by this extra precaution, but we must make every effort to protect ourselves and others. 

These policies and procedures reflect our best effort to balance the wishes of the families we serve with our responsibility to the safety of the public.  We hope you will understand and allow us to guide your family in an attempt to find the best service options unique to your needs and wishes which still abide by those restrictions currently placed upon us. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the funeral chapel to discuss them with a member of our family.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with each and every one of you as we face the days and weeks ahead which will no doubt be challenging in all facets of our daily lives.